New Day, new site

So today we went to a new home owner site where 5 of us worked in the hot sun mixing mortar and digging a septic hole….or should I say started digging.  The hole needs to be 8 feet deep and about 4 feet in diameter.  I was on mortar mixing duty as I was not tall enough to hand the fresh buckets of mortar to the masons – that job was for Staci and Giuliana.  Staci is becoming quite bilingual in Sinhalese (the native language) and has gained a young admirer on the job site.  She has her own little shadow.

Staci and her boyfriend
Staci and her boyfriend

Staci also tried to commandeer the family’s transportation and looked quite natural at the helm driving.IMG_3285

I will say that the local version of scaffolding is not exactly OSHA compliant and it goes without saying that none of US were up on it. They make the scaffolding out of bamboo and random planks of wood they have lying around. IMG_3286 IMG_3287 IMG_3275

John quickly discovered he had royally pissed off a colony of ants where he was digging.  Millions of them came out of a giant ant hill surrounding a tree right by where we were digging and I am fairly certain they were trying to devise a plan to carry John away!  The home owners came over and told us to back away and they put some kind of powder one the ground where the ants were and then brought the fire! “Grandpa” brought a torch he’d made from thatch and in just two minutes all the ants had evacuated.  I’m not sure Terminix uses this same method. IMG_0331 IMG_0324

John did manage to NOT kill a frog, but save his life as we found him where we were digging – IMG_0336 – a much better result than the frog that found the unfortunate home in John’s boot……no, that did NOT end well for that frog!  That night, Staci showed us a yoga move that was much needed and definitely put into practice. IMG_3295

The following day we continued to work on digging the hole for the septic tank, which became more challenging due to the fact that we kept hitting little springs and water would come running in making for a very thick, mucky mess to dig out.  We had a good system down with one person digging, filling a bowl of dirt and in the beginning, the taller ones would hand the bowl up – I was relegated to engaging the “bowl toss” method a lot earlier than the others.  But by the end of the day, everyone had to toss the bowl to the person on top in order to get the bowl out.  Some attempts were better than others. (insert photo of Giuli dropping the bowl).

It was an exhausting, but good day!  We wrapped up the evening with a karaoke dance party at our lodge which was too much fun!  The whole group singing and dancing with what might possibly be the BEST disco ball ever!  We even got the local staff at the hotel to join us for a couple dances.  There was a lot of laughter and it was a great way to wrap up the first week!!

FullSizeRender IMG_3317 IMG_3322

And here are some photos from the build:

IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_3278 IMG_3305 IMG_3301 IMG_0367 IMG_0335

A woman and her pic axe!
A woman and her pic axe!

IMG_3287 IMG_0367 IMG_0371 IMG_0381 IMG_3286

2 thoughts on “New Day, new site

  1. Such great fun, in all ways! Makes me realize, sitting here in the frozen state of MD, how much I miss all of my fellow builders and partner families. Thanks Cid for keeping it real~!


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